Straighter Shots,

No Stress

The StraightShooter™ develops muscle memory in your swing pattern to help you hit the ball straighter and further

Amateurs and Pros won’t practise without it


“I have tried the SSTR and have found the device very useful for a number of reasons:

… because of these features I am sure a lot of golfers will get benefit from using StraightShooter™.”

What’s the secret?

8 out of 10 golf coaches encourage a straight lead arm through the swing because it gives you greater ball control through the air with longer, straighter shots.

The StraightShooter™ builds muscle memory for a perfectly straight lead arm at the critical times of the swing pattern, sending the ball soaring straighter, further and more consistently than you thought possible.

Reinforces the ideal arm position in the takeaway and through swing.

Allows the lead arm to bend in the follow-through after impact.

Uniquely designed springs provide tension to ‘retract’ the lead arm back into a straight position if the arm is bent.

The StraightShooter™ really works!

Our customers are now reporting on average a 12% improvement in distance and 82% improvement in accuracy!

“I think the StraightShooter™ is awesome! I feel like my left arm is as straight as I want it and it also helps me with the club position at the top. I can use it for sure.”


Start swinging like a pro in 3 simple steps

The StraightShooter™ is for left-handed and right-handed golfers and easily integrates into your golf swing without disrupting movement or extension.

Your StraightShooter™ also comes with easy instructions to ensure you get the perfect fit and swing, every time.

Simply slide on your StraightShooter™ lining up your elbow with the elbow hole.

Tighten the straps for comfort.

Get ready to swing like a pro!

Swing without stress

Ergonomic design

To reduce stress on the body and naturally guide you into your authentic swing, but with more power and accuracy than ever before.

Develops muscle memory

Straightens your arm and corrects your club position at the top until the perfect swing comes naturally.

Instant feedback

Hit 20 balls, then take it off and feel the muscle memory kick in every time you swing!

Flexible and strong

Enough to let your lead arm bend when it’s meant to. Strong enough to keep it straight through your swing.

What would an up to 400% improvement in accuracy do for your game?

You haven’t played a game of golf until you’ve watched the ball fly through the air, in the exact direction and distance you intended, and then draining a 30ft putt for a birdie.
Ready to feel the buzz of your best swing yet? Test drive the StraightShooter™ for 30 days and see your swing, accuracy, power and distance improve!

Say goodbye to ‘muffed’ shots, mishits and topping

Now you can hit every ball cleanly and in the right direction. Whether you’re an amatuer weekend player or a pro looking for new gains and a competitive edge, the StraightShooter™ allows you to gain swing confidence, accuracy and power between lessons.

Velcro straps allow for easy fitting

Elbow port ensures the guide is in the correct position for your unique swing

Heat dissipation points to help you keep cool

Varying tensions available for different arm strengths

Available in 4 sizes; XS, S, M, L

Start improving your swing confidence and consistency today!

Start developing your best swing in seconds with the easy to apply StraightShooter™ lead arm training device.

Just slip it on and get instant feedback about your lead arm and its position throughout your swing.

You’ll gain greater awareness of where your lead-arm needs to be and how it’s working with your chest and back.

So you can finally load your backswing more effectively and strike the ball with more power and less conscious effort.

Test drive the StraightShooter™ and see your swing improve!

The StraightShooter™ is your own personal coach ready to help you shoot straighter and further, anytime, anywhere!

Thanks to the StraightShooter™ patented technology, you can see improvements in your muscle memory, positioning and sequencing within days.

No coach? No problem!

With just half an hour of practice once or twice a week, the StraightShooter™ will allow you to hit balls straighter and further than your golf buddies ever thought possible.

Hundreds of golfers are using StraightShooter™ to swing it without winging it!

Consistency is the key to a good game of golf. The StraightShooter™ allows you to swing like a pro day after day, thanks to powerful new muscle memory that’s made with each swing.

A scientific study has proven the efficiency of StraightShooter™ as a training device* along with hundreds of happy customers who won’t practise without it!


G’day golfers, I’m Michael Middleton, inventor of StraightShooter™

At 45 I took up competition golf. Now with 25 years of playing under my belt, I know how hard it can be to consistently hit accurate shots.

One weekend you’re connecting perfectly and getting great distance, the next you’re mishitting and taking big divots adding 2-3 strokes per round…

… and being stressed by your performance in front of your buddies!

Being an average golfer, I was constantly asking myself how I could improve my game.

Over time I applied my background in Functional Anatomy, Biomechanics and Psychology to develop and improve my own golf swing.

Soon after, I discovered the greatest lesson of all:

The Pro’s get consistency by using a ‘straight lead-arm’ at critical times in their swing pattern.

Easier said than done, which is why I invented The StraightShooter™ – a brand new training aid designed to correct your swing and develop muscle memory so you can consistently hit balls cleaner, straighter and further than ever before.

Try the StraightShooter™ today and watch your game improve within days...

Now you can put your smug golfing buddies to shame with the must-have swing training aid loved by pros and amateurs the world over!

Straighter lead arm at critical times of the swing pattern

Better ball control

More accurate ball strikes

More power and distance

Better consistency in your game

From Tee off to clubhouse, it’s the training aid that gets respect

Loved, trusted and used by weekend golfers and professionals alike, The StraightShooter™ gives you the confidence, consistency and accuracy you need to enjoy the game and get respect from Tee off to clubhouse.

Save $$$ on lessons

The StraightShooter™ is your own personal coach, helping you swing straighter and shoot further than you thought possible, saving you money on coaching sessions that often go nowhere and lessons that wear off fast.

For the price of one golf lesson, StraightShooter™ is the accuracy and power aid that will give you a secret swing advantage on the course for years to come.

Save even more on clubs

Plenty of fancy clubs promise to help you swing and putt like a pro, but won’t do much until your swing pattern is corrected. That’s why the StraightShooter™ is fast becoming one of the essential investments for aspiring golfers who want to see results faster.

Works for all ages and skill levels

We have varying sizes to suit the whole family viz. XS, S, M, L. StraightShooter™ can support every individual playing style and skill level.

Made to last

With the best quality materials and stress tested to 50,000 repetitions, our team makes sure StraightShooter™ stands the test of time, no matter how often you play.

The swing training aid that won’t weigh you down

At about 0.5 kg, you might assume the StraightShooter™ could hamper your swing. From the moment you put it on, you’ll find the opposite is true.

The weight adds to the power that you can apply during the swing pattern. When direction changes from ‘take-away’ to ‘down-swing into ball impact’, muscles load up to provide greater power for the downswing phase.
Now you have greater club head speed and serious ‘smash factor’ from this small weight advantage.

Test drive StraightShooter™ for 30 days or so, and see your results improve

Ready to love the game on a whole new level?
To get excited every time you head to the course?
Maybe you’d just love to wipe the smirk off your friends’ faces on the Tee and in the clubhouse!

Order StraightShooter™ today and watch your swing improve in just a couple hours of practice per week.

StraightShooter Fitting Guide