Simplified Golf with

Introducing StraightShooter™ – a flexible lead arm golf swing trainer that has the golf instruction world talking

Easy Integration

StraightShooter™ easily integrates into your golf swing without disrupting movement or extension. Also, StraightShooter™ is for both left-handed and right-handed golfers.

Reduces Body Stress

Due to the ergonomic design, StraightShooter™ can assist in reducing stress on the body and naturally guide the golfer into their authentic swing.

Easy to Apply

Simply slide on your StraightShooter™ lining up your elbow with the elbow hole. Tighten the straps for comfort and you are ready to go.

Take your game to a new level

Experience greater accuracy and distance and start enjoying your golf more

Walk into a golf club at the end of a days play, and very few recreational golfers are happy with their game. Lack of consistency in ball striking is a foundational problem that leads to inconsistent distance and inaccurate placement. What if you could increase both your distance and more importantly your accuracy with just half an hour of practice once or twice a week. If that sounds do-able then StraightShooter™ is for you.

Easy to use

Be up and practicing in just seconds with the easy to apply StraightShooter™ lead arm training device. Just slip it on and immediately get proprioceptive feedback about your lead arm and its position throughout the golf swing.

Muscle Memory

Feeling is so much better than seeing and after just a few shots with StraightShooter™, your body begins to learn the correct sequencing and lead arm positions that StraightShooter™ reinforces. Remove StraightShooter™ and feel those gains carry over into your swing.

Scientifically Proven

We have hundreds of testimonials singing the praises of StraightShooter™ but preliminary scientific studies have also proven the efficacy of StraightShooter™ as a training device1.

1A preliminary study into “The Performance Effect of a Physical Guidance Device on the Lead-Arm in Golf” found a statistically significant increase in accuracy and distance immediately following use of the device in the sample group.

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What others are saying about StraightShooter™

Player and Coach Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from those who have used StraightShooter™

“Yeah, that’s awesome”

Terence D

Low Handicapper


“Yeah, that’s awesome, especially I feel like for the average player”

“Yeah, it really guides them, it’s kind of one of the biggest pain points that we continue to see and hear from people is that you know after they had a lesson they’re talking to their coach everything makes sense when they’re with their coach right, they step away for that week or two or sometimes even a month if they’re busy and then it gets confusing and they’re lost allowing this to kind of be that one product that is the segue between golf lessons”

“Yeah, this is instant feedback so you can hit 20 balls with it and then take it off and you’d probably notice the difference of muscle memory”

“Can you feel it moving that left arm, especially coming into impact right”

“It’s awesome, I like it here, here, impact”

“That looks good man”

“It’s good!”

Eric J

PXG Master Fitter

“I really enjoyed it”

Travis R

PGA Professional

“I think the StraightShooter is awesome! I feel like my left arm is as straight as I want it and it also helps me with the club position at the top. I can use it for sure.”

Alejandra Llaneza

Mexican Professional Golfer LPGA/Symetra Tour, 2016 Olympian

“I really like the way StraightShooter is flexible enough to let my lead arm bend when it is meant to, but strong enough to keep it straight through my swing.”

Margarita Ramos

Mexican Professional Golfer, U.S. Based LPGA/Symetra Tour

“After a personal warm up, I then hit a number of balls without the device on. The results were similar to the way I usually play the game, with a number of ‘muffed’ shots. I was only satisfied with ~30% of the balls I hit. Then I fitted the device and proceeded to hit the assigned number of balls with the device on. The 100% improvement achieved speaks for itself. There were signs even with this relatively brief use of the device, that it could correct a few of the things that I have been trying to iron-out in my swing, for a long time.”

Ed F

Recreational golfer

“After using the StraightShooter I took it off and hit some more balls. During this ‘after use time’, without the guide on my lead-arm, for whatever reason, I had greater ‘awareness’ of where my lead-arm needed to be and how it was working with my chest and back, allowing me to load my backswing more effectively and strike the ball with what I believe was more power and less conscious effort. Like all good training aids, the ‘StraightShooter’ is very effective, most importantly with the ‘feeling’ it creates during and after its use.”

Ryan W

PGA Professional

I first used the StraightShooter on the practice fairway where, using a 7 iron, I hit around a dozen balls without the StraightShooter on. While I was happy with around 50% of contact with the ball, there were a few that were off target and a couple of duffed shots. I then put the sleeve on and hit another dozen balls using the same 7 iron. On the whole I hit more balls cleanly and with improved direction.

Ruth B

Recreational golfer

“My experience with the device was genuinely refreshing! After warming up, I initially hit a number of balls without the device on. The results were certainly ‘wayward’, with only 25% of the balls hit effectively. I then fitted the device and proceeded to hit a number of balls. The apparent 400% improvement speaks for itself. My overall impression is that here at last is a truly well designed device that is easy to fit and with minimal instruction can produce a clear improvement in the consistency of my golf swing! It offers me some new-found confidence that my golf consistency will improve should I ever decide to take up golf again.”

Geoff W

Recreational golfer

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